Kenshi Yonezu unveils all of the info. about his upcoming Album “STRAY SHEEP”

A couple of weeks back we reported that popular singer/songwriter Kenshi Yonezu would be releasing his fifth studio album “STRAY SHEEP” on August 5th. Now that this date has drawn closer, Yonezu has chosen to publish all of the details regarding the release online.

As noted previously, “STRAY SHEEP” will run 15 tracks in length and include six of his previously released singles, as well as nine new songs like his “MIU404” theme “Kanden”, a self-cover of Masaki Suda’s “Machigai Sagashi” – which Yonezu wrote, composed, and produced – and his collaboration track with RADWIMPS’ Yojiro Noda, “PLACEBO”. The record’s Limited Editions will include a DVD/Blu-ray containing both the era’s music videos and footage from the Makuhari Messe performance of his “Sekitsui ga Opal ni Naru Koro” tour, marking the first time Yonezu has released a complete live show.

Read on below to find the cover and the complete track list for “STRAY SHEEP”.

-‘STRAY SHEEP’ Track List-

  • CD
  1. Campanella
  2. Flamingo
  3. Kanden
  4. PLACEBO + Yojiro Noda
  5. Paprika
  6. Uma to Shika
  7. Yasashii Hito
  8. Lemon
  9. Machigai Sagashi
  10. Himawari
  11. Mayoeru Hitsuji
  12. Décolleté
  14. Umi no Yuurei
  15. Canaria
  • DVD / Blu-ray (Limited Video+Artbook Editions Only)
  1. Flamingo -Live-
  2. LOSER -Live-
  3. Suna no Wakusei -Live-
  4. Hien -Live-
  5. Kaijuu no March -Live-
  6. Eine Kleine -Live-
  7. Shunrai -Live-
  8. Moonlight -Live-
  9. fogbound -Live-
  10. amen -Live-
  11. Paper Flower -Live-
  12. Undercover -Live-
  13. Alice -Live-
  14. Peace Sign -Live-
  15. TEENAGE RIOT -Live-
  16. Nighthawks -Live-
  17. orion -Live-
  18. Lemon -Live-
  19. Gomen ne -Live-
  20. Cranberry & Pancake -Live-
  21. Haiiro to Ao -Live-
  22. Lemon -Music Video-
  23. Flamingo -Music Video-
  24. TEENAGE RIOT -Music Video-
  25. Umi no Yuurei -Music Video-
  26. Paprika -Music Video-
  27. Uma to Shika -Music Video-

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