Ken Hirai Releases Eerie Music Video for “Nonfiction”

On June 7, Ken Hirai will release his new single, “Nonfiction.” The song serves as the theme song for the TBS drama “Chiisana Kyojin.” Ken recently released the music video for the “Nonfiction.” The Tanabe Hidenobu-directed clip takes place in a deserted amusement park at night. Ken sings while holding a floral bouquet, while butoh dancers dance around him, adding to the odd feeling of the video. Check it out below, along with the single’s covers and tracklists!

Limited Edition

1. ノンフィクション (Nonfiction)
2. ノンフィクション (less vocal) ((Nonfiction) (less vocal))

2017 Special Live!! 「THE STILL LIFE」 at 日本武道館 April 2017 (2017 Special Live!! “THE STILL LIFE” at Nippon Budokan April 2017 )
3. style
4. ソレデモシタイ (Soredemo Shitai)
5. 魔法って言っていいかな? (Mahoutte Itte Ii Kana?)
6. Unfit In love
7. 僕の心をつくってよ (Boku no Kokoro wo Tsukutte yo)
8. ほっ (Ho)
9. Missionary
10. かわいいの妖怪 (Kawaii no Yokai)
12. ノンフィクション (Nonfiction)


Regular Edition

1. ノンフィクション (Nonfiction)
2. Brand New Bike
3. 魔法って言っていいかな? (VaVa Remix) (Mahoutte Itte Ii Kana? (VaVa Remix))


Music video