Kato Miliyah releases covers and tracklist for her new collaboration/remix album

In celebration of her 10th anniversary, singer-songwriter Kato Miliyah is releasing a collaboration/remix album. The album is titled “MUSE” and is set for release on October 29. The album will come in 2 editions: a regular 2 CD only edition and a limited 2 CD + DVD edition. The first disc of the album is the collaboration disc. It will feature collaborations with Izumi Nakasone of HY, JASMINE, AI, Thelma Aoyama, Mika Nakashima, and SUGAR SOUL. There will also be covers of Utada Hikaru’s “Automatic” (the song Miliyah sang when she auditioned for Sony) and Alicia Key’s “If I Ain’t Got You.” Another of the songs, “STYLE”, will feature a sample of the 90s TLC hit “Creep.” The remix disc will feature remixes of various songs from Miliyah’s decade in the industry.

Limited Edition


Regular Edition


CD 1

1. M.U.S.E.

2. YOU… feat. 仲宗根泉(Izumi Nakasone) (HY)

3. Automatic


5. I’ll be there with you feat. AI & 青山テルマ (Thelma Aoyama)

6. Fighter / 中島美嘉×加藤ミリヤ (Mika Nakashima x Kato Miliyah)

7. Gift / 中島美嘉×加藤ミリヤ (Mika Nakashima x Kato Miliyah)

8. If I Ain’t Got You

9. Blue Flame feat. SUGAR SOUL



CD 2

1. Lonely Hearts (T.O.M. Remix)

2. SAYONARAベイベー (Baby) (Nao Tanaka Remix)


4. Aitai (Loneliness Remix)

5. LALALA feat. 若旦那 (Wakadanna) (T.O.M. REMIX)


7. 勇者たち (Yuushatachi ) (T.O.M. REMIX

8. 19 Memories (REMIX)

9. Love/Affection (DAISHI DANCE REMIX)

10. Never let go (Shingo.S RMX)

11. ジョウネツ (Jounetsu) (take 2 Remix)

12. ソツギョウ(Sotsugyou) (DJ Mitsu the Beats School Gate Mix)

13. Beautiful (BR Remix)

14. Love Forever (DAISHI DANCE REMIX)


The Limited Edition DVD will feature the 10 anniversary documentary “The Story of “MILIYAH 10th Anniversary PREMIUM PARTY”” and the music video for “YOU.”