A Nishino Kana news dump

There are quite a few bits of information to report on Nishino Kana right now. The first thing is the release of the short music video for her new single “Suki.” The next thing would be the release of the covers, tracklist, and promo picture for that single. The promo picture is being used as the header picture for this article. The last thing would be the release of the covers and promo picture for her new album “with LOVE.” Check out more detailed information after the jump!

Today, Nishino Kana released the short pv for her new single “Suki”:


“Suki” is set for release on October 15. It is the theme song for Fuji TV’s morning show Mezamashi Television.


Limited Edition


Regular Edition



1. 好き (Suki)

2. Never know

3. I Say No


Limited Edition DVD

1. Behind the scenes of “Suki” Photo Session & Special Interview


Kana will be releasing her fifth studio album “with LOVE” on November 14.


Limited Edition


Regular Edition


Promo picture


The tracklist for this album is not yet confirmed but it will 14 songs in total, including “LOVE & JOY”, “We Don’t Stop”, “Sayonara”, “Darling”, and “Suki.”