KANA-BOON to release their second major album “TIME” early next year

Budding young rock act KANA-BOON have announced that they’re going to be releasing their second full studio album on January 21st of next year.  Titled “TIME”, the release will include the singles they’ve put out this year, “Kesshousei”, “Full Drive”, “Ikiteyuku”, and “Silhouette”, as well as eight new songs for a total of twelve tracks.

In addition, the album’s Limited Edition will include a Live DVD which contains the band’s full one-man live show at outdoor venue Izumiotsu Phoenix in Osaka.  To support the release, KANA-BOON will be going on a 2015 tour which will take them to venues such as CLUB QUATTRO and Osaka Castle Hall, and will conclude with their first one-man performance at the prestigious Nippon Budokan on March 31st.

Check our the full track list for both the album and its accompanying live DVD below, and please look forward to the release!

-’TIME’ Track List-

  • CD
  1. Time Out
  2. LOL
  3. Terminal
  4. Kesshousei
  5. Klaxon
  6. Full Drive
  7. Ikiteyuku
  8. Squall Squall
  9. Ai ni Mamirete
  10. Silhouette
  11. Snow Globe
  12. Parade
  • Live DVD
  1. A.oh!!
  2. World
  3. Clone
  4. Rock n’ Roll Star
  5. Yoru wo Koete
  6. Kesshousei
  7. Sakura no Uta
  8. Ikiteyuku
  9. Rapid Siren
  10. Jousha Hissui no Otowari, Okotowari
  11. Full Drive
  12. Nai Mono Nedari
  13. Silhouette
  14. Nemurenu Mori no Kimi no Tame

(via natalie)