JP THE WAVY to Release New Mixtape “WAVY TAPE 2”

On March 31, JP THE WAVY will release his new mixtape, “WAVY TAPE 2.” This release comes nearly a year after the release of his debut album, “LIFE IS WAVY.”

“WAVY TAPE 2” contains JP THE WAVY’s recent digital singles, along with some new songs. There are several collaborations on this mixtape, including with BAD HOP‘s YZERR & Benjazzy, vividboooy, and the British rapper Lancey Foux.

JP THE WAVY recently released “WAVY TV vol.3” on his YouTube channel. In it, the production of some of the mixtape can be seen. Check it out below, along with more information on this release!

  1. Pick N Choose feat. LEX (Prod. Pulp.K)
  2. NAMI feat. YZERR (Prod. star boy & outtatown)
  3. WAVEBODY feat. LEX & OZworld (Prod. Bankroll Got It)
  4. Outta Control (Prod. Pulp.K)
  5. I WANT ONE feat. Kid Milli & Psy.P (Prod. Tigaone)
  6. Jet Lag feat. Benjazzy (Prod. Pulp.K)
  7. Real Life feat. ELIONE & vividboooy (Prod. VLOT)
  8. Lucky Star feat. Lancey Foux (Prod. Yung Xansei)