Lucky Kilimanjaro to Release New Album “DAILY BOP”

On March 31, Lucky Kilimanjaro will release their new album, “DAILY BOP.” This album comes a little more than a year after the release their major debut album, “!magination.”

“DAILY BOP” will include the previously released songs “Emome no Natsu”, “Taiyou”, “Yoru to Synthesizer”, and “MOONLIGHT.” The digital single “Hikari wa Watashi no Naka” is included as a CD only bonus track.

In conjunction with the album’s release, Lucky Kilimanjaro has released the music video for the album track “KIDS.” The song expresses frontman Kumaki Yukimaru‘s desire to leave his old self behind and try new things. Check it out below, along with more information on Lucky Kilimanjaro’s new album!

Lucky Kilimanjaro「DAILY BOP」ジャケット
  1. Superfine Morning Routing
  2. 太陽 (Taiyou)
  3. エモめの夏 (Emome no Natsu)
  4. アドベンチャー (Adventure)
  5. ペペロンチーノ (Peperoncino)
  6. 雨が降るなら踊ればいいじゃない (Ame ga Furu nara Odoreba Ii Janai)
  7. ON
  8. KIDS
  9. 夜とシンセサイザー (Yoru to Synthesizer)
  11. おやすみね (Oyasumi ne)
  12. 光はわたしのなか (Hikari wa Watashi no Naka) (Bonus Track)