Japan’s hip-hop prince KOHH to release 3rd album!

When one thinks of new and cool Japanese hip-hop artists, KOHH‘s name is usually on the list. After gaining popularity for rep’n Japanese trap music in the It G Ma video, the current prince of Japanese hip-hop is back with a new original album. It is ready to drop on October 28th, so get your cash together.

The title of his long-awaited third album is DIRT. Yes, we’re not kidding you, it’s been named DIRT. But despite it’s name, the tracks are promised to be anything but that. Many in the industry are talking and saying that it’s possibly his highest quality work thus far. Especially since he made the voyage over to New York to record some of the tracks.

The first press edition of this album is sure to delight fans as it will come with a DVD that features music videos for all of his songs, filmed in either London or Paris. Along with this is video of one of his many, many lives. There is no doubt that this dude is truly Hiroi Sekai. For more scoop on his release peep the jump below.


  1. Be Me
  2. Dirt Boys feat. Dutch Montana & Loota
  3. Living Legend
  4. Now
  5. Hitori
  6. Tokyo
  7. Chigau Ichinichi feat. J $tash
  8. If I Die Tonight feat.Dutch Montana, SALU
  9. Shini Yashinai
  10. Shakou
  11. Glowing Up feat.J $tash
  12. Kiraku ni Yaru
  13. Orera no Seikatsu  feat.Dutch Montana, Mony Horse


  1.   Be Me Music [Music Video]
  2. Dirt Boys (feat. Dutch Montana & Loota) [Music Video]
  3. Living Legend [Music Video]
  4. Now [Music Video]
  5. Hirori [Music Video]
  6. Tokyo [Music Video]
  7. Chigau Ichinici (feat. J $tash) [Music Video]
  8. If I Die Tonight (feat. Dutch Montana, SALU) [Music Video]
  9. Shini Yashinai [Music Video]
  10. hakou [Music Video]
  11. Glowing Up (feat. J $tash) [Music Video]
  12. Kiraku ni Yaru [Music Video]
  13. Orera no Seikatsu (feat. Dutch Montana, Mony Horse) [Music Video]


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