indigo la End to release a new studio album in early June

Following a string of brooding yet energetic singles, alternative rock band indigo la End have announced that they will be releasing their third studio album on June 8th of this year.  The new release will be titled “Aiiro Music” and will be supported by a one-man live tour (indigo la End One-Man Tour “Indigo Music”) during the summer months.

“Aiiro Music” is planned to include the group’s previously released songs “Kanashiku Naru Mae ni”, “Natsuyoru no Magic”, “Shizuku ni Koishite”, “Wasurete Hanataba”, “Kokoro Ame”, and “Kaze Yomu Kisetsu” as well as eight new tracks for a total of 14.  Of note, all of the songwriting and production for the new album will be handled by group’s vocalist and guitarist Kawatani Enon.

You’ll find the full track list for “Aiiro Music” just below the cut, so please read on and stay tuned for future updates as the album’s release date draws closer.

-’Aiiro Music’ Track List-

  1. Aiiro Suki
  2. Shizuku ni Koishite
  3. Kokorone
  4. Ai no Gyakuryuu
  5. Shinobu
  6. Kanashiku Naru Mae ni
  7. Wasurete Hanataba
  8. eye
  9. Natsuyoru no Magic
  10. Kaze Yomu Kisetsu
  11. music A
  12. Dance ga Tsuzukeba
  13. Kokoro Ame
  14. Indigo Love Story

(via natalie)