Ikimonogakari reveal all of the details about their upcoming Album “WE DO”

Earlier this month we reported that pop trio Ikimonogakari would be releasing a new studio album titled “WE DO” on December 25th. Now, as this date approaches, the group have chosen to publish all of the details regarding the release online.

“WE DO” will include the band’s five digital singles released this year, along with new tracks like Sukatto Japan theme “Kuchibue ni Kawaru made”. The new promotional photo and album art which accompany this announcement were both shot by photographer Kazumi Kurigami.

Read on below to find this cover, as well as the complete track list for “WE DO”.

-’WE DO’ Track List-

  • CD 1
  1. WE DO
  2. SING!
  3. Spica ~Anata ga Iru to Iu Koto~
  5. Identity
  6. Anata wa
  7. Taiyou
  8. Kimi e no Ai wo Kotoba ni Surunda
  9. Shariraria
  10. try again
  11. Sayonara Seishun
  12. Kuchibue ni Kawaru made
  13. Kisetsu
  • CD 2 (Limited Edition Only)
  1. Introduction
  2. WE DO -Live-
  3. Kimagure Romantic -Live-
  4. Itsudatte Bokura wa -Live-
  5. Identity -Live-
  6. Tenohira no Oto -Live-
  7. Miso Soup -Live-
  8. Kaeritakunatta yo -Live-
  9. Egao -Live-
  10. Blue Bird -Live-
  11. Joyful -Live-
  12. Ai ni Iku yo -Live-
  13. Taiyou -Live-
  14. SING! -Live-
  15. Kokoro no Hana wo Sakaseyou -Live-

(via barks.jp)