Ichiko Aoba to release New Album “qp” & unveils Music Video for “Tsuki no Oka”

Folk singer Ichiko Aoba has announced that she will be releasing her latest album “qp” this week on October 24th.  Her sixth studio record, and the first since 2016’s “Mahoroboshiya,” “qp” will include ten new songs from Aoba, with the Limited Edition to come packaged with a DVD containing live footage from across her career.

To coincide with the album’s release today, the music video for its lead track “Tsuki no Oka” has been uploaded to her label’s YouTube channel.  This PV, which was directed by Koichiro Tsujikawa, sees Aoba herself taking the role of the song’s titular ‘hill,’ the night sky lighting up around her at the video’s climax.

You’ll find this music video, as well as the cover and track list for “qp” right after the jump.

-’qp’ Track List-

  • CD
  1. Yoake no Julia no Tani no Funsui
  2. Terifuri Ame
  3. Tsuki no Oka
  4. Minashigo no Ame
  5. Dareka no Sekai
  6. Uzuki no Oboro Uta
  7. Mizube no Yousei
  8. Yousei no Temaneki
  9. Hitsuji no Anthony
  10. Umibe no Souretsu
  • DVD (Limited Edition Only)
  1. Ikinokori●Bokura (2013/WWW, 2016/Scott Hall)
  2. Aoi Yami wo Massakasama ni Ochiteyuku Nagareboshi wo Shitteiru (2016/Scott Hall)
  3. Yusagi (2016/Scott Hall)
  4. Mahoroboshiya (2016/Scott Hall)
  5. Mou Midori (2014/LIQUIDROOM)
  6. Amatsubu (2016/Scott Hall)
  7. Taiyou-san (2016/Sougetsu Hall)
  8. Kami-sama no Takurami (2016/Scott Hall)

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