Kaela Kimura returns with “COLOR” MV

Singer Kaela Kimura has returned to the scene with a brand new MV for her song “COLOR“! The surprise release was uploaded today, which also just so happens to be her birthday!

“COLOR” will act as the main promotional song for Kimura’s upcoming mini-album ?WHO? . This is her first music release of 2018 and also the very first time she’s releasing a mini-album/EP.

In the MV Kimura is wears a sparkling rainbow outfit resembling a Christmas decoration, a quite normal outfit for the pop-rock singer. The setting takes place across 8 different locations including a supermarket, bowling alley, parking lot, and arcade.

The message of the song is that your unique personalty will shine no matter where you are!

The full version of the MV will be included on the DVD edition of ?WHO?, the album will be released on November 21st.