Hoshino Gen to Release Tokyo Dome Concerts on DVD & Blu-Ray

This past February and March, Hoshino Gen embarked on his five dome tour, “Hoshino Gen DOME TOUR 2019 ‘POP VIRUS’.” On August 7, Gen will release footage from the two Tokyo Dome shows on DVD and Blu-Ray, titled “DOME TOUR ‘POP VIRUS’ at TOKYO DOME.”

This release will come in four editions: two limited editions, which feature two discs and a booklet, and two regular editions, each with two discs. The first disc will feature the concert, while the second disc will feature a documentary and a round table discussion. The booklet will feature commentary by Gen, Hama Okamoto, STUTS, and “MUSICA” Editor-in-Chief Ariizumi Tomoko.

Check out more information about this release below!

星野源「DOME TOUR "POP VIRUS" at TOKYO DOME」初回限定盤ジャケット

DVD / Blu-Ray 1

星野源 DOME TOUR 2019 “POP VIRUS” 東京ドーム公演 (2019.2.27 / 2.28) (Hoshino Gen DOME TOUR 2019 “POP VIRUS” Tokyo Dome Koen (2019.2.27 / 2.28))
1. 歌を歌うときは (Uta wo Utau Toki wa)
2. Pop Virus
3. 地獄でなぜ悪い (Jigoku de Naze Warui)
4. Get a Feel
5. 桜の森 (Sakura no Mori)
6. 肌 (Hada)
7. Pair Dancer
8. Present
9. サピエンス (Sapiens)
0. ドラえもん (Doraemon)
11.「一流ミュージシャンからのお祝いコメント1」 (“Ichiryu Musician kara no Oiwai Comment 1”)
12. ばらばら (Barabara)
14. KIDS
15. プリン (Pudding)
16. くせのうた (Kuse no Uta)
17. 「一流ミュージシャンからのお祝いコメント2」 (“Ichiryu Musician kara no Oiwai Comment 2”)
18. 化物 (Bakemono)
19. 恋 (Koi)
20. SUN
21. アイデア (Idea)
22. Week End
23. Family Song
<アンコール> (Encore)
24. 君は薔薇より美しい (Kimi wa Bara yori Utsukushii)
25. 時よ (Toki yo)
26. Hello Song
27. Pop Virus (reprise)

DVD / Blu-Ray 2

DOME TOUR “POP VIRUS” documentary & 2nd stage selection