Hoshino Gen to Release First English-Language Song

On October 14, Hoshino Gen will release a new digital single, “Same Thing.” The English-language song is a collaboration with the British band Superorganism. The band arranged the song, while Gen wrote and composed it. “Same Thing” made its debut on Apple Music’s Beats 1 radio station 15 minutes ago at the time of this writing. It is now available for streaming worldwide. The “Same Thing” digital single will also see a worldwide release.

The digital single also features three additional songs. The first is the PUNPEE collaboration “Sarashimono”, which will feature Gen rapping. The second is “Ain’t Nobody Know”, which will feature a surprise guest artist. The last is “Watashi”, which features just Gen and his guitar.

Check out more information on “Same Thing” below, including a clip of the song and the teaser for its music video!

星野源「Same Thing」配信ジャケット
  1. Same Thing (feat. Superorganism)
  2. さらしもの (feat. PUNPEE) (Sarashimono (feat. PUNPEE))
  3. Ain’t Nobody Know
  4. 私 (Watashi)

Song clip

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