Hideki Kaji to release New Album “GOTH ROMANCE” in June

Singer/songwriter Hideki Kaji has revealed that he will be releasing a new studio album titled “GOTH ROMANCE” on June 5th. This will be Kaji’s first longplay since 2016’s “The Blue Boy” and will include 12 new songs from the soloist.

In advance of the album’s release, Kaji has chosen to both release its second track “SPRAY AND FANFARE” as a digital single and upload the song’s PV to his YouTube channel. Of note, Sotaisei Riron’s Seiichi Nagai and The Natsuyasumi Band’s Risa Nakagawa participated in the track’s recording process.

You’ll find the music video for “SPRAY AND FANFARE”, as well as the cover and track list for “GOTH ROMANCE” right after the jump.

-’GOTH ROMANCE’ Track List-

  • CD
  1. French Eiga ni Shiyou yo / FRENCH CINEMA!
  2. Mizushibuki to Fanfare / SPRAY AND FANFARE
  3. Sunday Baby / SUNDAY BABY
  4. Himitsu no Yakai / SECRET GOTHIC PARTY
  5. Sobakasu Milk / FRECKLES MILK
  6. 5-Ji kara 7-ji made no Maki / 5 TO 7 SHIBUYA-KEI
  7. Non Non Song / NON NON SONG
  8. Natsu no Owari no Cecil Cut / CECIL CUT (OF THE SUMMER END)
  9. Seishun no Bright Side / YOUR BRIGHT SIDE OF THE YOUTH
  10. Sou Hi de Summer Breeze / THE OLD RADIO CASSETTE
  11. Humor ga Yukuefumei / HUMOR IS MISSING
  12. Chocolate no Ongaku / OUR CHOCOLATE MUSIC

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