Hey! Say! JUMP Faces Loss and Loneliness in “Fate or Destiny” MV

On August 24, Hey! Say! JUMP will release their new album, “FILMUSIC!” The album’s title stems from the theme “music x movie”, with various scenes that would take place in a movie playing out in the album’s songs.

Hey! Say! JUMP is working with an array of collaborators on this album, including sumika, Maharajan, FAKE TYPE., Yama Arashi, Yuuri, Sukima Switch, and Kenmochi Hidefumi of Suiyoubi no Campanella. Each of the album’s collaborators will create a song based on a different movie genre.

“FILMUSIC!” will be released in three editions: CD+DVD / CD+Blu-ray limited edition 1, CD+DVD / CD+Blu-ray limited edition 2, and CD only regular edition. Limited edition 1 will contain the bonus track “Get Out Of My House”, the answer song to Hey! Say! JUMP’s 2013 song “Come On A My House.” The regular edition will also have its own bonus track, “Jinriki Hikoki”, which was written by Akimoto Yasushi and composed by Makaino Koji.

Ahead of the album’s release, Hey! Say! JUMP has released the music video for one of its new songs, “Fate or Destiny.” The song serves as the theme song for the Fuji TV drama “Junai Dissonance”, which stars group member Yuto Nakajima. The video sees the group in an abandoned hotel and by the sea. In the hotel clips, they show an adult side by expressing feelings of loss and loneliness. Check it out below!

Limited Edition 1

Limited Edition 2

Regular Edition


  2. サンダーソニア (Sandersonia)
  3. ネガティブファイター (Negative Fighter)
  4. 業務☆スーパーマン (Gyomu☆Superman)
  5. Fate or Destiny
  6. a r e a
  8. 群青ランナウェイ (Gunjou Runaway)
  9. 漢花火 (Kan Hanabi)
  10. ビターチョコレート (Bitter Chocolate)
  11. 君がみた一等星 (ひかり) (Kimi ga Mita Ittosei (Hikari))
  12. Change the world Y2K
  13. 春玄鳥 (Haru Tsubame)
  14. Sing-along
  15. 恋をするんだ (Koi wo Surunda)

Limited Edition 1 Bonus Track
・Get Out Of My House

Regular Edition Bonus Track
・人力飛行機 (Jinriki Hikoki)

Limited Edition 1 DVD / Blu-ray
・「Fate or Destiny」ビデオ・クリップ&メイキング (“Fate or Destiny” Video Clip & Making)
・ HSJ 2022 アンサーソング打合せ (HSJ 2022 Answer Song Uchiawase)

Limited Edition 2 DVD / Blu-ray
・「FILMUSIC!」Jacket Shooting
・Hey! Say! JUMP スペシャルソロインタビュー「The scene of 2021-2022」 (Hey! Say! JUMP Special Solo Interview “The scene of 2021-2022”)