Hamada Maron Plays a Sexy Femme Fatale in PV for “Kyokugei Rondo”

On October 14, Hamada Maron will release her second album, “Seijuku no Marble.” Its release comes 3 years after the release of her debut album, “Huryo Shojo Elegy.” “Seijuku no Marble” will contain 9 songs, including 2 from Maron’s 2014 limited release, “Mayakashi no Blues.”

Maron recently released the music video for “Kyokugei Rondo”, the 8th song on “Seijuku no Marble.” In the clip for the moody jazz song, she plays a prostitute / assassin, in keeping with her noir aesthetic. Check it out after the jump along with more information on her new album!

1. 未練バタフライ (Miren Butterfly)
2. 始発前のダンスホール (Shihatsu Mae no Dance Hall)
3. マヤカシのブルース (Mayakashi no Blues)
4. サヨナラレクイエム (Sayonara Requiem)
5. 踊れIN THE ZOO (Odore IN THE ZOO)
6. ゆらゆら妄想ベッド (Yurayura Moso Bed)
7. 革命記念日 (Kakumei Kinenbi)
8. 曲芸ロンド (Kyokugei Rondo)
9. 鎖 (Kusari) (bonus track)


Kyokugei Rondo


Mayakashi no Blues