Kindan no Tasuketsu Releases Music Video for Their New Erotic Movie

On November 3, Kindan no Tasketsu will release an erotic art film on DVD titled “Kiss me, Kiss me, Kiss me.” Kazunari Honoki, the group’s leader, is the film’s musical director, cinematographer, editor, screenwriter, and director. Eri Kitami, Mihono, Riku Minato, Shizu Mizuno, and Mami Misami are the stars of “Kiss me, Kiss me, Kiss me”, along with a mysterious figure in a giant pink bunny costume. The film is a hazy, surrealistic blend of kissing, flashing, fondling, and masturbation.

The Limited Edition of “Kiss me, Kiss me, Kiss me” will come with a CD of the movie’s soundtrack.

Kindan no Tasuketsu recently released the music video for the soundtrack’s opener, “Kiss.” The song features Ano of You’ll Melt More! The music video features footage from the movie as well as original content which has a similar feel as the film.

Check out the music video after the jump, along with more information on “Kiss me, Kiss me, Kiss me”, including its trailer.

01. Kiss feat. あの (ゆるめるモ!) (Ano (You’ll Melt More!))
02. Argent (Red Curtain)
03. こあらしスピン (Koarashi Spin) (Kiss Me Ver.)
04. Heartland
05. Sushi Harajuku
06. Rules of The Internet
07. Dancing on the Floor
08. Strange Combo
09. Twilight Night
10. Computer Center
11. Red Room
12. Westwood Bus Stop
13. Lunch Time
14. Eclipse
15. Slow Motion
16. Q
17. JAWS ラヴテーマ (Love Theme)
18. やめてよ朝から (Yamete yo Asa Kara)


“Kiss” pv


“Kiss me, Kiss me, Kiss me” trailer