G.RINA to Release New Album “LIVE & LEARN”

On January 11, G.RINA will release her new album, “LIVE & LEARN.” The album deals with the everyday lives of women in a casual and realistic manner. “LIVE & LEARN”, much like G.RINA’s last album (2015’s “Lotta Love”), sees her taking influences from black music of the 1980s, disco boogie, and hip hop, resulting in “disco pop.”

G.RINA has released two special trailers so far for “LIVE & LEARN.” The first is for the song “All Around The World”, her collaboration with Toki Asako. The clip mixes footage from various places around the world with footage of the recording of the song. The second special trailer is for “close2u.” This video finds G.RINA hanging around Hong Kong. “All Around The World” is currently available digitally, while “close2u” is released digitally today. Check out both videos below, along with more information on G.RINA’s new album!

1. 想像未来 feat. 鎮座DOPENESS (Sozo Mirai feat. Chinza DOPENESS)
2. close2u
3. All Around The World feat. 土岐麻子 (All Around The World feat. Toki Asako)
4. そばにおいで (Soba ni Oide)
5. フライデーラヴ feat. yoshiro (underslowjams) (Friday Love feat. yoshiro (underslowjams))
6. 街のレクイエム (Machi no Requiem)
7. memories
8. 夏のめまい feat. 田我流 (Natsu no Memai feat. Dengaryu)
9. ヴァンパイア ハンティング feat. Kick A Show (Vampire Hunting feat. Kick A Show)
10. しあわせの準備 (Shiawase no Junbi)


All Around The World feat. Toki Asako





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