FOLKS to release new mini-album “SNOWTOWN” in February

Up-and-coming alternative band FOLKS have announced that they will be releasing a new mini-album on February 25th of next year.  “SNOWTOWN” will be the band’s first release since “HOMETOWN STORY” back in September and is based around the theme of “Winter”, its 7 tracks set to incorporate natural environmental sounds from the group’s hometown of Eniwa in Hokkaido.

The mini-album’s lead track “Fuyu no Himawari” has been produced by famed DJ Sunahara Yoshinori, known primarily for his work with legendary techno group Denki Groove.  The song depicts the band’s feelings about Christmas night and has been described as possessing the most fully realized pop sound in FOLKS’ repertoire.

“Fuyu no Himawari” is set to release digitally on Christmas Eve, so if you just can’t wait to hear what it’ll sound like, the wait won’t be long.  In the meanwhile, we’ll continue to post updates on this release as more information is revealed.

(via natalie)