Kato Miliyah Releases Details on Her New Single

On January 14, Kato Miliyah will release her 30th single. It is titled “Shounen Shouju.” The single will come in a limited CD+DVD edition and a regular CD only edition. Before this release though, Miliyah will be releasing a digital EP on December 17. This digital EP is titled “M’s X’Mas EP.” Both releases will feature the song “Higher”, which as previously reported was used in a Seiko watch CM. Check out the covers and tracklists for both of these releases after the jump!

Limited Edition



Regular Edition




1. 少年少女 (Shounen Shouju)

2. Higher


4. 少年少女 (Shounen Shouju) (Instrumental)


Limited Edition DVD

1. 少年少女 (Shounen Shouju) (Music Video)



1. YOU… feat. 仲宗根泉 (Izumi Nakasone) (HY) (T.O.M. M’s X’mas Remix)

2. Higher

3. Only holy

4. YOU… feat. 仲宗根泉 (Izumi Nakasone) (HY) (T.O.M. M’s X’mas Remix) (Instrumental)