FLOWER FLOWER to Release Debut Album “Mi”

FLOWER FLOWER has announced the release of its debut album “Mi” on November 26. This is also the band’s first physical release as their previous single releases were all digital. The album will include “Tsuki”, theme song song for au’s commercial, and “Subarashii Sekai”, the theme song for TV Tokyo’s “Tamagawa Kuyakusho OF THE DEAD”.

In addition, a new song will be available for digital download every week from Oct 29th till Nov 26th starting with Toumei na Uta.

Limited Edition DVD includes footage from 2013’s Inko no Mure Tour at Shibuya CLUB QUATTRO.

Their new songs from  the movie LITTLE FOREST, such as Aki and Natsu, are not included in the album release. The album will be released in Regular and Limited editions.


  1. Negai (Wish)
  2. Kamisama (God)
  3. Kuuki (Air)
  4. Toumei na Uta (Transparent Song)
  5. Ohayou no Kiss wo (A Good Morning Kiss)
  6. Suiteki (Drop of Water)
  7. Subarashii Sekai (Wonderful World)
  8. Sekiwotatsu (Leave the Seat)
  9. Hikari (Light)
  10. Kimi no Koto (Of You)
  11. Start Line
  12. Tsuki (Moon)
  13. Bye Bye


  1. ■Live at SHIBUYA CLUB QUATTRO 2013.10.07
  2. Sekiwotatsu (Leave the Seat)
  3. Kamisama (God)
  4. Start Line
  5. Tsuki (Moon)
  6. Subarashii Sekai (Wonderful World)
  7. bye bye
  8. Negai (Wish)
  9. Including behind the scenes)

(via FLOWER FLOWER Official Website)