Creephyp releases pv for “Hyakuhachi Yen no Koi”

As previously reported, Creephyp is set to release their new single “Hyakuhachi Yen no Koi” on November 5. They will follow this up with their new album “Hitotsu ni Narenai nara, Semete Futatsu Dakede Iyou” on December 3. The band has now released the music video for “Hyakuhachi Yen no Koi.” The video was directed by frequent collaborator Matsui Daigo and was shot using 8mm film. A special site has been opened for the single which you can see here. “Hyakuhachi Yen no Koi” is the theme song for the movie “Hyaku Yen no Koi”, which is currently showing at The Tokyo International Film Festival. The movie is about a slacker whose domestic issues cause her to leave home, leading her to find love. Check out the music video for “Hyakuhachi Yen no Koi” as well as the trailer for “Hyaku Yen no Koi” after the jump!