Eight Ranger releases ‘ER2’ PV

Kanjani8’s superhero alter-ego Eight Ranger is set to release their 2nd second single, directly titled ‘ER2′ on August 6. The song is featured as the theme song for movie ‘Eight Ranger 2’ that opens July 26. Prior to the movie release, the ER2 PV (Issai Gassai ver) has been released. Snippets from the movie, new Hachimon mascots, the ranger dance routine, sentai group pose, and even Hawaiian Hula dancers are all present in the PV.

The first single, ER, has set the record single sales for a Movie Character when it sold 331,000 copies in its first week. ER2 gives a consistent feel as the first single, although fans seem to prefer the addictive power jam that is ER.

Check out the PV, tracklist, single covers and ER characters below. What happened to Black Ranger?


Eight Ranger 2


ER Character
Yokoyama You Yokomine Makoto – Black, the gambling addict
Shibutani Subaru Shibusawa Kaoru – Red, the Drunken Master
Murakami Shingo Muraoka Yuki – Eggplant, the pure-hearted virgin
Maruyama Ryuhei Marunouchi Shogo – Orange, the online shopping addict
Yasuda Shota Yasuhara Shun – Blue, the lover of all things blue
Nishikido Ryo Nishikino Tetsuro – Yellow, the one-hit wonder
Okura Tadayoshi Okawa Ryosuke – Green, the repeat “it’s me” fraud victim

ER2 Tracklist

Limited A [CD+DVD] 

1. ER2
2. Kagero
1. ER2 (Issai Gassai ver. music video)
2. making-of music videos

Limited B [CD+DVD] 

1. ER2
2. Kagero
1. ER2 (Tenchi Muyo ver. music video)
2. ER2 (Tengoku to Djigoku ver. music video)
3. ER2 (Giri Giri 1 cut ver. music video)

Regular [CD] 

1. ER2
2. Kagero
3. Soshite Tsuyokunare
4. ER2 (off vocal)
5. Kagero (off vocal)
6. Soshite Tsuyokunare (off vocal)

ER2 PV (Issai Gassai ver.)

Source: Teichiku Records