Nozomi Tsuji Launches New Clothing Collection

Japan’s #1 Mommy Blogger Nozomi Tsuji has launched a brand new collection for her highly successful clothing line Saruru.

Launched in 2013, the line started out solely selling childrens clothes. Shortly after, Nozomi decided to expand the collection, adding clothes for adult men and women to her repertoire. Quite a few of the adult pieces mirror the childrens line, this was intentionally done so the entire family can match and be kawaii at the same time.

Saruru’s 2014 mid summer collection consists of casual wear perfect for playing outside or lazing around at home. The collection also features a collaboration with Hello Kitty and Sanrio, these select items were produced in limited quantity and are expected to sell out fast. Prices range from 3,300 to 9,000 yen. Check out the collection below!