DJ DECKSTREAM Releases Details On New Album Along with PV

Hip hop artist DJ DECKSTREAM is set to release his new album “DRESS CODE” on December 10. The album will have 12 tracks and feature an array of talent from the Japanese hip hop scene including VERBAL, Shing02, SEAMO, JAZEE MINOR, and Mummy-D. In support of the album, DJ DECKSTREAM has released the music video for the album’s opening track, “Young World.” “Young World” features both VERBAL and Shing02. Check out the music as well as the cover and tracklist for “DRESS CODE” after the jump!

DJ Deckstream「DRESS CODE」ジャケット

1.Young World feat. VERBAL (m-flo) & Shing02
3. You Only Live Once feat. 漢 a.k.a. GAMI & 輪入道 (Wanyudou)
4. 見えないけどRZ (Mienai Kedo RZ) feat. 妄走族 (Mousouzoku)
5. Most Beautiful In The World feat. SEAMO & D.O
6. Stay Ready feat. JAZEE MINOR & Minami(CREAM)
7. Time Capsule feat. NIPPS & YURIKA
8. Far East Movement feat. RINO LATINA II & SKY-HI
9. 夜とその先 (Yoru to Sono Saki) feat. WATT a.k.a ヨッテルブッテル (Yotterubutteru)
10. Stormy feat. Mummy-D (Rhymester) & RYUZO
11. Minority Rules feat. Arkitec & 大神 (Okami)
12. Walk With Me feat. Takuma The Great


Young World feat. VERBAL (m-flo) & Shing02: