Czecho No Republic to Release New Album “DREAMS”

Czecho No Republic will release their new album, “DREAMS”, on July 20! The band describes the album as a release to enjoy during the hot months of summer. This summer theme carries over to the album’s artwork and the band’s new promo picture, which features tropical flamingos.

Czecho No Republic recently released the music video for the album’s third track, “Electric Girl.” The clip is set in a 50s American diner and features band member Takahashi Mai as the song’s titular character. She uses her special power to shock the diner’s guests. Check it out below, along with more information on the album!

Czecho No Republic「DREAMS」ジャケット

1. Dream Beach Sunset
2. Forever Dreaming
3. Electric Girl
4. Dreamer
5. BB
6. ゴッホとジョン (Gohho to John)
7. ヘンリー・ジョーと海の城 (Henry Joe to Umi no Shiro)
8. Blue Holiday
9. Shiny Girl
10. パニック (Panic)
11. Born Again
12. エンドロール (End Roll)

Limited Edition DVD
1. For You
2. Firework
3. Fun, Fun, Fun, Fun, Fun
4. Heart Beat
5. Forever Dreaming (Japanese ver.)
6. Forever Dreaming (English ver.)
7. Blue Holiday
8. Born Again