Cute fillet of salmon Kirimi-chan to have major debut

KIRIMI-chan has quickly risen through the ranks of the music industry, previously releasing the indie single ‘KIRIMI no Uta ~ Oishiku Tabete ne ♡~‘ and proving KIRIMI-chan as a serious artist. After various international love calls and offers of exclusive record contracts, it was decided that KIRIMI-chan will debut under UNIVERSAL MUSIC JAPAN this September with ‘Magical KIRIMI!

The choice to push KIRIMI-chan was the result of a public poll from Sanrio last year, which included other Japanese food options, including smiling sausages, alpacas dressed as different food, onigiri puppies, etc. At a cafe where they were featured, KIRIMI-chan was available in what appeared to be typical fish packaging you would find in the supermarket, but upon closer inspection it was actually a sandwich with layers of avocado and cream of tartar.

Let’s just pause for a moment and talk about how Sanrio is KILLING IT this year with new characters. They’re really embracing Twitter as a platform and their characters really shine. Gudetama, who came in second to KIRIMI-chan, is a whiny fried egg and quite possibly my spirit


KIRIMI-chan is sung by voice actor Tsubasa Yonaga (Valvrave the Liberator’s Prue, Yowamushi Pedal’s Sangaku Manami). Sorry to break the illusion.

CD Track listing

  1. Kimi Kirimi
  2. Magical KIRIMI!
  3. KIRIMI no Uta ~ Oishiku Tabete ne ♡~

DVD – Music Videos

  1. Kimi Kirimi
  2. KIRIMI!
  3. KIRIMI no Uta ~ Oishiku Tabete ne ♡~

The single ‘Magical KIRIMI!’ will hit stores September 3, 2014. In the meantime check out this loveable relatable salmon on Twitter.