Creephyp Are Paper Doll Puppets in “Ito” PV

On April 26, Creephyp will release their new single, “Ito.” The song serves as the theme song for the Suda Masaki movie “Teiichi no Kuni”, which opens in theaters April 29.

“Ito” will come in a limited edition and a regular edition, with the limited edition containing an additional live CD. The covers for the single feature a drawing of a man who has the synthesized face of all four members of Creephyp.

The music video for “Ito” was recently released and it features Creephyp as paper doll puppets, in the real world. These paper versions of Creephyp perform, go on talk shows, do photoshoots, and get caught going to a love hotel by the press. Check it out below along with more information on Creephyp’s new single!

Limited Edition


Regular Edition

1. イト (Ito)
2. 月の逆襲 (Tsuki no Gyakushu)
3. 君が猫で僕が犬 (Kimi ga Neko de Boku ga Inu)

Limited Edition Live CD
全国ツアー「秘宝館」~満開栗の花~ 2017.3.16@新木場 STUDIO COAST (Zenkoku Tour “Hiho Kan” ~Mankai Kuri no Hana~ 2017.3.16 @ Shinkiba STUDIO COAST)
1. ホテルのベッドに飛び込んだらもう一瞬で朝だ (Hotel no Bed ni Tobikon dara mo Isshun de Asa da)
2. 白い子 (Shiroi Ko)
3. 空色申告 (Sorairo Shinkoku)
4. ただ (Tada)
5. ねがいり (Negairi)
6. 君の部屋 (Kimi no Heya)
7. 鬼 (Oni)
8. は? (Wa?)
9. 5%
10. 大丈夫 (Daijoubu)
11. 門出船出参上! ~シャンプーを水で薄めるな~ (Kadode Funade Sanjo! ~Shampoo wo Mizu de Usumeru na~)