Cornelius to Release First Studio Album in Nearly 11 Years

For the past few years, Cornelius has been involved in numerous side projects such as METAFIVE and various soundtracks. He will release his first studio album under his own name on June 28. Cornelius’ new album is titled “Mellow Waves” and it is his first studio album since October 2006’s “Sensuous.”

Ahead of the release of “Mellow Waves”, Cornelius will be releasing two 7 inch vinyl singles. The first of these is “Anata ga Iru nara”, out April 26. Sakamoto Shintaro wrote the lyrics for this song, while Cornelius wrote the lyrics for the single’s B-side, “Helix / Spiral.”

The second single is out May 24 and it’s titled “Itsuka / Doko ka.” The lyrics for the B-side, “Warukunai. Kono Kanji”, were also written by Shintaro. This B-side will not be on “Mellow Waves” however.

Check out more information on Cornelius’ two upcoming singles below!

Anata ga Iru nara

A1. あなたがいるなら (Anata ga Iru nara)
B1. Helix / Spiral


Itsuka / Doko ka

A1. いつか / どこか (Itsuka / Doko ka)
B1. 悪くない。この感じ (Warukunai. Kono Kanji)



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