BUMP OF CHICKEN to perform theme song for the live action adaptation of “Parasyte”

Hot on the heels of announcing a new Live DVD/Blu-ray, popular rock band BUMP OF CHICKEN have confirmed that they will be providing the theme song for the live action adaptation of popular manga ‘Kiseijuu’, better known as ‘Parasyte’.  The song, titled ‘Parade’, is an upbeat track that is described as possessing an impressive ‘driving force’ behind it.

This unexpected collaboration came about as a result of the band’s close friendship with the movie’s director Takashi Yamazaki, who has directed several of their music videos in the past. Yamazaki is known primarily for this year’s smash hit ‘Eien no Zero’ and his critically acclaimed ‘Always – Sunset on Third Street’ movies, which BUMP OF CHICKEN provided two themes for, and specifically requested that the band provide a song for ‘Parasyte’.

The first of two ‘Parasyte’ films will hit Japanese theaters on November 29th, with ‘Parade’ set to release digitally on the same day; this just one day after the release of ‘Fighter’, their collaboration song with ‘Sangatsu no Lion’.  Feel free to have a look at the music videos that Yamazaki has directed for the band below the cut.

(via natalie)