Ken Hirai announces new single and releases new pv

On December 10, Ken Hirai is set to release his 37th single “Sore Demo Shitai / Onnaji Samishisa.” It is a double A-side single. He released “Onnaji Samishisa” digitally on October 29. “Onnaji Samishisa” is the theme song for the NHK drama “Sayonara Watashi”, which started on October 14.

Today, Ken released the music video for the single’s other A-side, “Sore Demo Shitai.” It is the November ending theme for NTV’s “Tokui to Goto to Uruwashi no SHELLY ga Konya Kurabete Mimashita.” The video was shot in and around the Indian capital of New Delhi over the course of 2 days. The video, as well as the single’s covers, have a distinctly Indian feel. Ken says that he was inspired by Bollywood films and also that he’s been mistaken for Indian by Indians in Japan. The DVD that comes with the limited edition of the single has the music video as well as behind the scenes footage pulled from the 30 hours of shooting.

Limited Edition

平井堅「ソレデモシタイ / おんなじさみしさ」初回限定盤ジャケット


1. ソレデモシタイ (Sore Demo Shitai)

2. おんなじさみしさ (Onnaji Samishisa)


1. Sore Demo Shitai (Music Video + Making Scene)


Regular Edition

平井堅「ソレデモシタイ / おんなじさみしさ」通常盤ジャケット

1. ソレデモシタイ (Sore Demo Shitai)

2. おんなじさみしさ (Onnaji Samishisa)

3. 残響 (Zankyo)

4. TBA

5. ソレデモシタイ (Sore Demo Shitai) (Less Vocal)

6. おんなじさみしさ (Onnaji Samishisa) (Less Vocal)


Promo picture



Music Video