BOMI Releases Info on New Album “BORN IN THE U.S.A.”

BOMI is set to release her second album “BORN IN THE U.S.A.” on January 21. The title is a biographical reference for the singer-songwriter, who was born in the US to Korean parents before moving to Japan as a child. The album features collaborations with Hama Okamoto from OKAMOTO’S, Maisa Tsuno from Akai Koen, and Yushin Takei from Czecho No Republic. In advance of the album’s release, BOMI has released the music video for the album’s second track, “Getsuyo no Melancholy.” The video features a funeral for BOMI’s old all-lowercase name that she used while signed to Columbia Nippon. The album cover references the funeral as well. BOMI is now on the independent label Bad News and this album is seen as a rebirth, hence the new all-capitalized name. Check out the cover and tracklist for “BORN IN THE U.S.A.” as well as the music video for “Getsuyo no Melancholy” after the jump!

1. Rest In Peace
2. 月曜のメランコリー (Getsuyo no Melancholy)
3. ~Stairway to Heaven~ #1
4. Mayday
5. ~Stairway to Heaven~ #2
6. 瞬くスピードで (Shibatataku Speed de)
7. ~Stairway to Heaven~ #3
8. あっちこっちカメレオン (Acchi Kocchi Chameleon)
9. ~Stairway to Heaven~ #4
10. フライデーナイトバタフライ (Friday Night Butterfly)
11. ~Stairway to Heaven~ #5
12. さよならミゼラブル (Sayonara Miserable)
13. ~Stairway to Heaven~ #6
・Party night で Hold me tight♡ (Party night de Hold me tight)
・残像ベイビー (Zanzo Baby)
・ヒカリノナカヘ (Hikari no Nakahe)
・恋愛未満 (Renai Miman)


Getsuyo no Melancholy


Sayonara Miserable


Party night de Hold me tight