Awich Teams Up with Baauer for “Open It Up”

On January 11, Awich will release her new album, “Kujaku.” She works with a slew of collborators on the album. On the production side, in addition to her YENTOWN groupmate Chiaki Zulu, “Kujaku” sees Awich working with Baauer, JIGG, and Matt Cab, among others. On the features side, JP THE WAVY, IO from KANDYTOWN, and Chinza DOPENESS are among the guests.

Awich has now released the music video for her Baauer collaboration, “Open It Up.” In relation to YouTube, she’s also made a YouTube playlist for “Kujaku”, where the entire album can be heard through various videos. Check the videos out below, along with more information on her new album!

  1. Love Me Up[Prod. Chaki Zulu]
  2. 洗脳 ft. DOGMA & 鎮座DOPENESS (Sennou ft. DOGMA & Chinza DOPENESS)[Prod. Chaki Zulu]
  3. NWO[Prod. Chaki Zulu]
  4. NEBUTA ft. kZm:AL ver.[Prod. Sam Tiba]
  5. Open It Up[Prod. Baauer]
  6. Poison ft. NENE[Prod. Chaki Zulu]
  7. Bloodshot ft. JP THE WAVY[Prod. JIGG]
  8. Interlude 1(Island Girls)
  9. 紙飛行機 (Kamihikouki)[Prod. Chaki Zulu]
  10. 4:44[Prod. Matt Cab]
  11. Lose Control[Prod. Chaki Zulu]
  12. What You Want ft. IO[Prod. Ke Yano$ & Chaki Zulu]
  13. Interlude 2(Good Man)
  14. First Light[Prod. Chaki Zulu]
  15. Gangsta[Prod. Chaki Zulu]
  16. Interlude 3(Remember?)
  17. Pressure[Prod. Chaki Zulu]
  18. Interlude 4 (No Pressure)
  19. DEIGO ft. OZworld[Prod. Chaki Zulu]
  20. Arigato[Prod. Chaki Zulu]