asayake no ato show us the way home in their Music Video for “Movielike”

Young pop-rock band asayake no ato released their third single “Close Game” this week on April 5th.  In support of this single, the group have published the music video for its second track, “Movielike”, to their label’s Youtube channel.

This PV follows a pair of high school students riding their bicycles home after graduating, capturing their entire journey with just one take.  Previews of the release’s other two songs can be found here.

Read on below to find the simple, yet emotional PV for “Movielike”, as well as the cover and track list for “Close Game”.

-’Close Game’ Track List-

Close Game-Cover

  1. Windup
  2. Movielike
  3. Natsu no Replica

(via natalie)