androp partner with Universal Music to release a new Single

Last October alternative rock band androp left their major label and established their own imprint, image world, which they used to self-publish their latest album “blue”.  Now the group have chosen to partner with Universal Music Japan’s ZEN MUSIC sub-label for the release of their upcoming single “Prism”, which will be available later this year on May 10th.

The band’s singer, Takahito Uchisawa, has described “Prism” as a song which represents androp’s current mindset, able to shine a light on the darkness and hardship they’ve gone through in order to take the next step as musicians.  The single itself will be released in two versions, with the Limited Edition including both the music video for the lead song as well as footage from their most recent live tour.

Read on below to find the track list for “Prism”, as well as a trailer for the live footage that will be packaged will the single’s Limited pressing.

-’Prism’ Track List-

  • CD
  1. Prism
  2. Ryusei
  3. BGM (single ver.)
  • DVD (Limited Edition Only)
  1. Prism -Music Video-
  2. Prism -Making Video-
  3. Kaonashi (from live tour 2016 “best blueprint”)
  4. Irony (from live tour 2016 “best blueprint”)
  5. Digi Piece (from live tour 2016 “best blueprint”)
  6. Sunny day (from live tour 2016 “best blueprint”)
  7. Kienai (from live tour 2016 “best blueprint”)
  8. Lost (from live tour 2016 “best blueprint”)

(via natalie)