Akira Yuki wanders the woods in her Music Video for “Ippiki Ookami”

Following up on the release of her major debut single, “Tanjou ~Birthday~“, singer/songwriter Akira Yuki will be releasing a second on August 7th. Titled “Ippiki Ookami”, Yuki’s latest single will feature three newly written songs, with the lead track to be arranged by utaite sasanomaly.

Ahead of the single’s release date, the music video for “Ippiki Ookami” has been uploaded to her YouTube channel. The video, which is meant to evoke feelings of both isolation and anxiety, features Yuki trekking through the woods alone.

You’ll find both this PV, as well as the single’s cover and track list right after the cut.

-’Ippiki Ookami’ Track List-

  • CD
  1. 33.123806, 131.294222
  2. Ippiki Ookami
  3. Kingyo
  • DVD (Limited Edition Only)
  1. Kizuguchi (From One-Man Live “Tanjou ~Hajimari no Shinjitsu~”)
  2. Higanbana (From One-Man Live “Tanjou ~Hajimari no Shinjitsu~”)
  3. Nagarenai Namida (From One-Man Live “Tanjou ~Hajimari no Shinjitsu~”)
  4. Heartless (From One-Man Live “Tanjou ~Hajimari no Shinjitsu~”)
  5. Birthday (From One-Man Live “Tanjou ~Hajimari no Shinjitsu~”)

(via natalie)