New Book Teaches English from Rola’s Instagram Captions

Modelpress claims talent Rola currently speaks fluent English, but that wasn’t the case only two years ago. Now the people of Japan can follow her path with her brand new book “SPEAK ENGLISH WITH ME“.

The new book “SPEAK ENGLISH WITH ME” is said to provide useful expressions for SNS and e-mail—carefully selected, fun English phrases and “fashionable slang” used by native speakers. Rola presents study methods that helped her achieve her level of fluency from interacting with foreigners abroad and introduces words that can be used in everyday life.

I think it expanded my world greatly to visit countries and be able to talk to people from all around the globe, ” says Rola.

I hope your life is filled with happiness [written in English]!  When you read this book, you’ll become even more fond of English, and I think it’s amazing if you want to talk to people from all around the world,” continued Rola. “Because it really is fun!

The book uses Rola’s Instagram captions as a focus on learning native phrases.

The example pages provide useful phrases such as:

  • Pizza is my favorite food.
  • I’m addicted to pancakes.
  • I could eat popcorn forever!
  • I love mangoes!
  • I could live forever on lamb chops.
  • It’s a loooooovely day today!
  • She is soooooo nice!
  • It was a suuuuper fun party tonight.
  • Africa is far far away.
  • Brad Pitt is gorgeous, isn’t he?
  • I feel you!/I know, right?
  • My eyes are watery.

Rola is famous for her work ethic as a model and talent, so it’s no surprise the same perseverance allowed her polish her English in such a short amount of time.

Recalling her own journey, Rola says she started with the fundamentals and learning grammar, like everyone should when approaching a new foreign language. She immersed herself by studying recipes, communicating with her American manager, watching movies in English, studying vocab on apps while on the go, using the English she picked up in her everyday life to improve her skills.

The biggest key to her success is that she made time to study for 3-4 hours a day by getting up a bit earlier every morning.

Rola’s book “SPEAK ENGLISH WITH ME” will be released July 8.