NEVER YOUNG BEACH to release new album “FAM FAM”

Surf rock darlings never young beach made quite the splash with their fantastic and highly addictive major debut “YASHINOKI HOUSE” last year. This year they return with their sophomore full length album, “fam fam”, which arrives in June. More info after the break

“FAM FAM” features the single “Pink Jungle House” (which was released earlier on this year’s vinyl reissue version of “YASHINOKI HOUSE”) and features 8 brand new songs. It is being released on ROMAN LABEL Japan on the 8th of June. never young beach will then be taking “fam fam” on the road with their “fam fam tour” kicking off on the 9th of July at Shibuya WWW.

The track list for “fam fam” is:

1. Pink Jungle House
2. Motel
3. Jitensha ni Notte
4. fam fam
5. Nanmonai-bi
6. Ame ga Fureba
7. Yume Deaetara
8. Akarui Mirai
9. Owakare no Uta

You can watch the video clip for “Pink Jungle House” here:

If the standard of “YASHINOKI HOUSE” is anything to go on, “fam fam” should prove to be another wonderful listen from the talented young band!