Netizens Drag Mizuhara Kiko for Instagram Photo

Model and actress Mizuhara Kiko recently uploaded a photo of herself on Instagram committing the ultimate taboo of wearing shoes while indoors. Netizens were not very pleased.

As Entame Scoop reports:

Popular fashion model Mizuhara Kiko received harsh criticism for entering an Eastern style room while wearing shoes.

The photo is one taken for a Korean fashion magazine. Mizuhara uploaded it to Instagram.

The following opinions arose on the web:

“This is a faux pas”

“This is pretty bad…Also why bother to upload it to Instagram?”

“Kiko-chan is cool BUT for now let’s remove our shoes when on a tatami”

“This also bothers me. She’s pretty but as a Japanese person it bothers me to see someone wearing shoes on a tatami. It’s like “Oi Oi Oi! Wearing shoes on top of tatami is forbidden! Manners, manners! This is the thing that dead people do!”

“Shoes on tatami shows a lack of common sense. It’s not the basis of a joke”

“I think it’s just the concept of the photoshoot, but the stylist should have thought better while choosing”

“In the end, even as a photoshoot, Kiko-chan…shoes on tatami is a bad feeling coming from a Japanese person”

“If it were only an advertisement in Korea she might not have been flame but for her to upload it to Instagram herself it’s like Kiko also doesn’t find it odd”

To upload this to Instagram means she didn’t expect to be criticized…