EXILE’s TAKAHIRO caught in photo on Tomomi Itano’s blog?

While couple rumors have dogged them since 2011, EXILE‘s TAKAHIRO (29) and former AKB48 member Tomomi Itano (23) are in the news once again after a man bearing what appeared to be TAKAHIRO’s distinctive arm tattoo was seen in the frame of a photo posted to Itano’s official blog.

Itano reportedly deleted the picture and her blog post to prevent news from spreading, but a quick-thinking reader took a phone screenshot of the offending image before it could be wiped out entirely:

The topic blew up on anonymous women’s entertainment board Girls Channel with over 1,500 comments, few of which were particularly supportive of the singers. Follow their discussion below!

Anonymous 2014/09/13 (Sat.) 22:23:47
This feels intentional
Anonymous 2014/09/13 (Sat.) 22:24:06
It’s suspicious that she deleted it so quickly
Anonymous 2014/09/13 (Sat.) 22:24:18
They’re dating, so it’s no big shock that he’d be in the picture
Anonymous 2014/09/13 (Sat.) 22:24:22
I thought Itano-san looked cute smiling naturally like this.
Anonymous 2014/09/13 (Sat.) 22:24:28
Deletion = admission, don’t you think?
Anonymous 2014/09/13 (Sat.) 22:24:40
What does TAKAHIRO see in Itano?
Anonymous 2014/09/13 (Sat.) 22:24:43
TAKAHIRO has some tattoos alright, such a turn-off…

Anonymous 2014/09/13 (Sat.) 22:25:04
An ikemen like TAKAHIRO should have no reason to go out of his way to date a plastic surgery cyborg like this…
Anonymous 2014/09/13 (Sat.) 22:25:12
They should just come out with it
like when Ayu was with Nagase.
I don’t like this kind of see-through appeal.
If you’re gonna do it, go all the way.
Anonymous 2014/09/13 (Sat.) 22:25:28
Similar bracelet, too?

These details weren’t all that eagle-eyed observers picked up on in the picture, however, and after a good deal of off-topic conversation in the post, a subsequent thread was made to talk about Itano’s change in breast size, with many calling her a “Barbie,” likening her to the infamous “French doll” talent Vanilla Chamu and even picking apart her fashion choices.

Nikkan Cyzo also ran an article speculating on the feasibility of Itano having gotten breast implants given the schedule of her recent S×W×A×G tour, which finished its run at Zepp Tokyo on the 15th, concluding that it was possible but a risky decision if true due to the necessary downtime and reduced intense physical activity required for such a procedure.

With no statement forthcoming from either party on the lake photo mishap, it seems that netizens and tabloids alike will be turning to this topic for their Itano gossip fix.