Namie Amuro Suing Tabloid Magazine for Libel and Publishing Photo with Son

It has been revealed that singer Namie Amuro is suing the publisher of tabloid magazine “Josei Seven” for libel and distributing a paparazzi photograph taken without permission, Nikkan Sports reports.

According to the complaint, “Josei Seven” published a false article about an alleged relationship with a man and a photo of Amuro walking next to her son without permission in the August 28 and September 8 issues last year.

According to the Tokyo District Court on June 21, Amuro is requesting compensation of 110,000,000 yen (roughly $990,000 USD) for damages from publishing company Shogakukan of Hitotsubashi Group, as well as a written apology in their publication.

Due to libel and a violation of my privacy, I felt a strong discomfort and anxiety,” Amuro asserted.

The “Josei Seven” editorial office declined to comment as the lawsuit is pending.