Watch the teaser for Perfume’s “If you wanna” MV

Girl group Perfume has released a 30 second teaser for their newest MV “If you wanna“.

In the short teaser the girls do their signature stylish dance moves in a room illuminated by various lights. “If you wanna” is the CM campaign song for “Ora2”, a beauty project collaboration between Perfume and the brand.

This will be the trio’s 24th single overall, and comes at the heels of the anniversary of their major label debut. 12 years ago on September 21st Perfume took the J-electro world by storm with the release of “Linear Motor Girl“. In celebration of this on September 21st, WOWOW will be airing a special program on Perfume, reflecting on the “now” and “future” of the group. Right after a broadcast of “Perfume 6th Tour 2016″ COSMIC EXPLORER “Dome Edition” air.

What do you think of this sound for Perfume? “If you wanna” will be released on August 30th, 2017.