Watch Kaela Kimura’s striking MV for “ZIG ZAG”

Singer Kaela Kimura is back on the scene with a brand new MV for her song “ZIG ZAG“, a track from her mini-album of the same name released back in March, 2020. The song features support from the rapper BIM.

The MV originally made it’s debut in September for fans who watched the special live concert KAELA presents on-line LIVE 2020 “NEVERLAND”. The MV was made in collaboration with the wireless earbud TE-D01m, by AVIOT.

Kimura commented that she envisioned for the MV to have a bit of a disjointed feel, due to the songs name “ZIG ZAG”. She also wanted to express “zigzagging” with an awkward dance. Kimura closed by saying she thought the director did an amazing job helping her create her vision.

Check out the full MV for “ZIG ZAG” below!