For Tracy Hyde releases “Floor” MV ahead of second album release

Shoegaze outfit For Tracy Hyde just released the Music Video for the track “Floor“, leading single of the group’s upcoming second album “he(r)art” set to be released on November 2nd.

Floor” mainly revolves around a catchy guitar riff occasionally coupled by layers of synths, that carry on through an engaging chorus greatly executed by singer Eureka’s heartfelt interpretation; the track works wonders in terms of structure, seamlessly progressing through its sections and enriching each part with layers and details that boost the uplifting vibe, with a surprising saxophone sneaking in towards the end that particularly enriches the sound of the track. The video mainly takes place in Shinjuku’s Kabuki-cho area during a rainy night, featuring atmospheric shots alternated to moments focused on the members enjoying the night life, a direction that greatly backs up the mood of the track and makes the video a pleasure for both eyes and ears. 

Be sure to check out the video for “Floor” down here, as well as all the details of For Tracy Hyde‘s new record “he(r)art“.

For Tracy Hyde – he(r)art | November 2nd




1. Opening Logo (FTH Entertainment)
2. Theme for “he(r)art”
3. Floor
4. Echo Park
5. After Dark
6. Dedication
7. Leica Daydream
8. Yubisaki kioku sōchi
9. Underwater Girl
10. Ghost Town Polaroids
11. Frozen Beach
12. A Day in November
13. Hōbutsusen
14. Just for a Night
15. Teen Flick
17. Halation

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