VIDEOTAPEMUSIC Gets Senior Citizens Moving in “Fiction Romance” PV

On October 25, VIDEOTAPEMUSIC will release his third album, “ON THE AIR.” This album comes two years and one month after his previous album, “Sekai Kakkoku no Yoru.” The eleven songs on “ON THE AIR” are full of exotic grooves and swinging jazz. This sound is exemplified in the music video that VIDEOTAPEMUSIC recently released, “Fiction Romance.” In clip, which VIDEOTAPEMUSIC also directed, a group of senior citizens dance the night away to the mellow groove. Check it out below, along with more information on the album!

1. On The Air
2. Sultry Night Slow
3. Ushihama
4. ポンティアナ (Pontiana)
5. 密林の悪魔 (Mitsurin no Akuma)
6. 熱い砂のルンバ (Atsui Suna no Rumba)
7. モータープール (Motor Pool)
8. Her Favorite Song
9. Her Favorite Moments feat. NOPPAL
10. Fiction Romance
11. 煙突 (Entotsu)