Tomomi Itano makes fitness sexy in new “OMG” PV

Chanteuse Tomomi Itano has revealed the short music video for her new single “OMG“.

The song follows the story a swaggie girl who attracts all the boys around her with her charms and love for fitness. The PV transforms a grimy concrete studio into a fluorescent-lit gym space. In between gains, Itano delivers her sexy “onedari” (begging) dance with her four backup dancers. The breakdown will truly have you saying OMG.

Check it out below!

Tomochin will release her sophomore album Get Ready on November 2, a follow up to her 2014 debut album S×W×A×G. It will be sold in three formats: limited edition CD + DVD, limited edition CD + photo book, and a CD only version.

Not only is Get Ready the title of her album, but also a warning because she knows we’re not ready to be slain again after hits such as “SWAGGALICIOUS” and “BOW WOW” produced from her previous effort.