Suchmos jam out in the chill PV for “PINKVIBES”

Back in January, up-and-coming fusion/acid jazz band Suchmos released their latest full-length album “THE KIDS“.  In further support of this landmark release for the group, they have uploaded a music video for its third track “PINKVIBES” to Space Shower Music’s official Youtube channel.

The PV for this soulful yet relaxing tune sees the band members jamming and chilling in a garage until they decide to take their classic car for a spin.  This video was directed by yahyel’s Kento Yamada, whom has previously created the PVs for Hikaru Utada’s “Boukyaku” and Kenshi Yonezu’s “orion”, as well as Suchmos’ own hit track “STAY TUNE”.

You’ll find the full version of this rather stylish music video right after the jump.

(via natalie)