LAMP IN TERREN turn tears into jewels in Music Video for “Namidaseigun no Yoru”

Last month we reported that rock band LAMP IN TERREN would be releasing a new album titled “fantasia” on April 12th.  Though they previously published its audio, the band have now made the PV for the record’s lead song “Namidaseigun no Yoru” available on their Youtube channel.

Notably, this is the first story-based music video released by the band, the narrative centering around a blind girl, played by Mayu Hotta, and an older gentleman.  As the girl starts to shed tears, the story’s more fantastical elements come to the fore and things finally begin to look up.

Read on below to find the rather sweet music video for “Namidaseigun no Yoru”, and look forward to the album’s full release next month.

(via natalie)