Snow Man Shows Their Individual Sides in “Brother Beat” MV

On March 25, Snow Man will release their new single, “Brother Beat.” The song serves as the theme for the live action version of “Osomatsu-san”, which stars the group. Snow Man has now released the song’s music video.

In the “Brother Beat” video, each member of Snow Man shares part of his personal interests. Daisuke Sakuma does the otaku wotagei dance, while Hikaru Iwamoto works out. Ren Meguro enjoys fishing for crayfish and is seen reeling in a giant animated one. Tatsuya Fukazawa plays a crane game, while Koji Mukai holds his beloved camera. Beauty guru Shota Watanabe relaxes in the bathtub with a face massager, while academic Ryohei Abe studies. Raul plays video games, while Ryota Miyadate surfs an animated wave.

Check out the video below!